Trust no one.

A person who trusts no one now, once trusted someone too much.

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  1. So true!! People then wonder why you are being defensive…DUH! I NEVER put all my eggs into one basket as “Time Reveals the Truth”.

  2. When I was a child, I told my dad I would trust everyone until I learned I couldn’t. He told I had it backwards, to trust no one until I learned I could. He was right.

  3. You start a relationship with a open heart filled with love and trust. Your heart got broken, punched and then decided to open it again to the same person. Years later it got crushed and broken again by the love of your life again. You can’t fix it this time.

  4. I trusted my brother & sister with all my heart – the day of our dad’s funeral they turned on me… I trust no one now 😢

    1. Laura, the same thing happened to me-I am without family as my Mom died years before my dad. I’m learning that this is a common phenomenon-doesn’t make it hurt any less…just letting you know that you are not alone in this experience❤✌

  5. George Barnard Shaw once said ” Respect is gain by many a acts …and lost by only one ” and So is Trust !

  6. I agree with you 100% Paula! Once trust is broken and lost, it’s the hardest thing to get back…..sometimes never. It makes you question everything that person says or does

    1. Humans. Don’t rely on no one humans will let you down every time at some point. The only one I trust is Jesus Christ. Just my opinion!!!

      1. This is so true I trusted a person I was so in love with only for him to tear my heart into pieces and then I let him back in because you can’t help who you love only for him to do it again now I don’t trust anyone. 😞

  7. …or rather… chose to trust in a space where the other “someone” didn’t trust themself… trusting is an honouring of another more than they honour themselves…. it is a gift… not a wrongness… thank you Cindy for a space to share my IPOV. Hugs and gratitude!

  8. Trust is earned, it is not a God-given right . If broken, it will take a long,long time to get it back.

  9. My trust has been used and abused so many times. I won’t ever trust again. Right when I think I might try to trust I will remember something and it’s nope never again!

  10. My first husband cheated on me and we eventually divorced. Several months later I met the man I knew was “the one”. We had both been cheated on but it was never ever even a thought that either of us would be unfaithful. After 32 years of marriage I found out he cheated with our neighbor – who I thought was a very good friend.

    It has been almost four years since then and I still haven’t gotten over it. He begged for forgiveness and I couldn’t throw away all of those years. The woman still lives by us and I see her go by our house all the time. He thinks I should let it go. We have a good life and he feels I shouldn’t be letting her make any intrusion into my mind or our lives. He just doesn’t get it and I can’t help but worry and wonder if it will happen again, not with the neighbor, but with someone else. I no longer have any friends as I don’t trust them and I spend all of my spare time alone. It takes too much out of your heart to let someone else in and is easier to be without friends.

  11. People have many faces. I have decided to act totally trusting to everyone I meet while keeping my eyes open to their actions. This is the fastest way to find out who you are dealing with. Mostly I’ve been disappointed mostly based on one fact. Everyone is living for what they want and quite often what they want is not what I want. Occasionally there is some commonality. It is a fiction we are given as children that we will find a true and selfless love in others. The truth is that there are good people and evil people and some can be both. I need to sort them out and take what good I can find. Selecting the good from a number of people fills my life and is the most I can expect. Totally trusting anyone is fine but be prepared to see their actions not line up with your expectations. When you know this and allow them their individuality you can wander through life without being disappointed in the people you choose to gather around you..

  12. Life has taught me that I can trust LITERALLY no one. Not my parents, other family, ‘friends’, their families, strangers, medical professionals, the police, lovers or partners. I can’t even trust myself. Life is not worth living. It never has been. It never will be. Life is eternal suffering. Endless disappointments. Hardship. Some of us were not meant to exist and it shows in the way life treats us. Like shit. Like we don’t belong. Like we should just end ourselves because nothing, no matter how hard you try, or what method to get by you attempt, will work. Life will never, ever, be good.

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