True love.

True love is when you love someone until your last breath.
-Brigitte Nicole

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  1. I met a girl that I instantly fell in love with at only 14….I’m 49 now an yet I’ve thought about her everyday since the last time I saw her when I was 20. I’m hoping to by some miraculous chance to see her again. Although she’s likely married and has a good life…I’d just like to see her again. On the other hand, I’ve seen love stories where people are reunited after many years….I’d like to be in one of those stories!

  2. True Love to me is something you can’t chose or control…it’s something what happens between two souls without choise, naturally being drawn to each other. Feeling the pain when not close. First thought on your mind when you wake up and last thought when you go to bed and every awaken moment on your mind. You can fall in love within an hour meeting that very special person. You know it when it happens to you because you won’t feel like this again or before. ❤️

  3. True love makes the impossible possible and beyond your wildest fantasies.That one is one of my wildest!!!

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