Train your mind to be stronger.

 You gotta train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or else you’ll lose yourself everytime.

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  1. I’m currently fighting with negative thoughts of my boyfriend and I’m trying to think positive thoughts, I must say, it’s a challenge and hopefully I’ll be at peace within myself

  2. Chantelle, I was going thru something similar up until recently. It is the worse place to be, but with God and positive thoughts and prayers you will get through it. Ask for strength and clarity, maybe moving on would help ease. I wish you the best ❤️ I am in the beginning of getting better.

    1. Hello Patricia. I know it hurts but God has for you a life partner. He is not worthy of your anger. 📖 Matthew 11:28-30

    1. Phillipians 4:8 describes what to think about. I Corinthians 10:13 indicates none of us are alone in our struggles but God has provided a way to survive. 2nd Peter 1:4 says, if you know Jesus, you are made a partaker of His heavenly nature by His precious promises. What you need, your answers are found in Gods Word.

  3. I feel like a black cloud is hanging over me and I fell in a deep dark hole. All I see is darkness. Negativity follows me everywhere I go.

  4. Linda … ask yourself what would happen if that dark cloud had a silver lining, if behind the dark cloud there was sunshine, if the dark cloud brought much needed rain. IYou may not think it or realise it but you can take control of your thinking. On a sheet of paper write up two collumns – and for every negative on the opposite column turn it into a positive. EG My brother hates me …. positive: he is the one who has a problem, other people like me, what would happen if I was kind to him? It’s all about focus …. if you focus on negative thinking then your focus will lead you to also notice everything negative about you, in your world, said about you etc and so the negative thinking keeps growing and keeps creating the negative emotions in your life … spiralling down. But if you decide to change your focus things start to happen in a positive way. Grab the negative thoughts and throw them ‘in the bin’ and think about the positive and your focus will change. You will start to notice more positive things in your world including positive things other people say and do.

  5. Need help dealing with anger. The gentleman I live with and I are always yelling at each other about almost everything any suggestions on dealing with anger no hitting just angry words and out downs.

  6. I just went through the worse relationship ever. He cheated, lied about it,got her pregnant.I went to speak with her& was maced, assaulted then jailed for having a conversation with Her. He continues to lie! I’m stuck wondering “Why did he do this to me?” I was a good woman to him, even through finding the possibilities of cheating in the beginning. The emotional rollercoaster is draining. This has taken me way out of character. Praying to effectively move past all of this&HEAL.

  7. I’m living in and around toxicity, I’ve battle depression and family with mental illness, and have battled dependency issues withering my own mind and body . The one I love has their own issues and continues to blame me for everything, yes I am part of the reason. I have admitted and working on correcting my own issues, yet the other side can’t come to terms with their own actions and see the patterns that they have caused to be a major factor in this struggle

  8. My boyfriend had a baby while we was in a relationship. And now I’m trying to be strong and get over it, but it hurts

  9. Lynne, l have gone through a similar thing like yours. The cheating, the lies , secrets. Its been a roller coaster of emotions and before you know it, your character is changed. Don’t wait to become a miserable angry person. The first time you catch your partner cheating RUN

  10. Looking at the brighter side of things, in life you are faced with God ordained opportunities disguised brilliantly as problems..whatever happens to you in life,YOU ALONE has the POWER to choose how to respond to it.remember from struggles comes strength….even pain can such awonderful teacher.

  11. I have always felt depressed. As a young child I didn’t know that other ppl felt differently then myself. I didn’t realize how deeply sad , worthless, ugly, and stupid I felt. Because I had never experienced Joy, fulfillment, happiness, acceptance before. I always thought that I was the stupidest, ugliest, rudest, and that I ruined everyone else’s lives. I still think all those things. Going to prison showed me that even though I am all those things, I’m a person.

  12. I find myself being the negative person with my thoughts and all the things neagative happening to me I really think that society hates me and everyone else does too I am so tired of feeling this way and would like to get away from where I have been al my life and the negative sometimes I feel like I don’t know how to talk to people because they do not wanna accept me

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