Together forever.

Marriage doesn’t guarantee that you will be together forever, it’s only paper. It takes trust, respect, commitment, understanding, friendship and faith in your relationship to make it last.

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  1. You just know the right things to say! When I need them! You been with I’m all along. Thanks amazing. How much love you have! Thank you Universe! I know you got my back!

    Love Maria
    Keep doing the good work
    And every thing is always working out
    Love you guys

  2. I do absolutely love your beautiful site & sayings…but I have to say I do not agree @ all with the part of this saying “it’s only paper” (re: marriage). For me, personally, marriage is sacred &, as a woman of faith, it is so much more than “a piece of paper.” It is that sort of sad belief, which so many have succumbed to, that has contributed greatly to the huge divorce rate, to unfaithfulness & society’s acceptance of marriage as something disposable, that can be thrown away, tossed into the garbage, without even committing to work on a solution together, with or without professional help. Marriage is never to be entered into lightly & it was never designed to be considered as only “a piece of paper.” Much of what you publish talks of a forever, committed relationship, I’ve even seen marriage mentioned. So this took me by surprise. I say this respectfully, not with anger…but from my heart, as this is what I believe.

    1. I totally agree with you Andrianna, that’s why you have to take the rest of the quote into consideration. It’s saying without trust, respect, commitment, understanding, friendship and faith in your marriage, it won’t last.

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