To the woman who deserves better.

Life is short. It’s far too short to be unhappy. For most of us, a long-term relationship is something incredibly special and sacred. It’s something that can bring you an immense amount of happiness, fulfilment, and love – provided it’s with the right person. For this reason, we all want to find that special someone, that person that once we’ve met we just can’t live without. The person who completes us, satisfies us, pushes us to be better, and loves us no matter what.
Everyone deserves to be happy, and a big part of that is being with the right person. You deserve to be with someone who listens, someone who cares. You deserve to be with someone who loves you unconditionally.
You deserve to be with someone who’s not afraid to love, and to be loved by you in return.
You deserve to be with someone who doesn’t think that it’s not masculine to be vulnerable, or to express their feelings and emotions. Someone who’s mature and confident enough in themselves to be able to tell you how they feel, to handle things calmly, and to talk out any issues without resorting to anger. You deserve to be with someone who will always remind you that they’ll love you no matter what.
You deserve someone who will be your best friend as well as your lover. Someone who is patient, kind, and caring. Someone who wants to see you all the time, and who’s cool to do absolutely anything as long as the two of you are hanging out – from going to the park for a picnic, to staying in together for the night with a home cooked meal and a bottle of wine.  
The reason that you deserve all this is that you’re worth it. You’re worth being with someone who respects you, who loves you for who you really are. You’re worth someone who will show you what it really means to be in love, someone who will never hesitate to tell you how much they love you and how much you mean to them.
Stop giving your love to men who won’t reciprocate it!
There are so many men out there who will let you love them with all your heart, and in return do nothing but lie to you, mess you around, and take you for granted. Don’t settle for some jerk who doesn’t care about you in any kind of meaningful way!
Unconditional love, by its very nature, is love without any terms or conditions – it’s bigger than anything that can happen between the two of you. When we love unconditionally, we often don’t have much control over it. It exists outside of our logical mind, and is based on something far deeper, and far more spiritual.
Unconditional love is an unbreakable bond. It’s an unspoken understanding between two minds, a connection between two souls. If you love someone unconditionally, it should be someone who has nothing but unconditional love for you in return. When you’re capable of holding someone in such high regard, you deserve someone who’s biggest fear is losing you. Someone who would do anything for you, who would go to the ends of the earth if you asked them to.
You deserve all of this, and more. You deserve to be with the right person.

Written by Maverick – Staff Writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©️

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  1. You know this is so true. Feelings of love passion respect are priceless. Maybe, I pray to God, one day in my life time it will be genuine, straight from the heart…

  2. I had the right one. But we were toxic to each other. I love him with all my being. But its not a healthy combination. I hope he finds happiness. I have gone no contact for 2 long months now. The hardest thing I ever had to do. I miss you E.T. Please try to find the good in life. I know you think I have someone new. Just so you know I don’t. You were my last. I have my issues as well and need to stay single for my own sanity. I wish you the best in all of your adventures in life.

  3. I hope I find this. All of my relationships have been with jerks who don’t appreciate me and who lie to me. I do deserve better!

  4. I journal to get things out that I cant always say.  This came out today:

    She fades away, little by little. Taking care of others needs her whole life and “settling” for what she considered “enough”.

    Then one day she wakes up and realizes that life is passing her by.   After years and years in a marriage with no compassion, PASSION, understanding, communication, intimacy or any connection, she realizes she is STARVED.

    Starved for the intimacy she craves. Starved for physical connection, and she knows she is the only one who can change the situation.  At the risk of being “comfortable”, taken care of, the thought is terrifying.

    There is a battle going on in her that is tearing her apart. The voice of “reason”, “You have everything you could want, a home, family, comforts that many do not have.  He doesn’t drink, use drugs, provides for th ke family, doesn’t cheat (that you know of), you have EVERYTHING.

    Then the “starved” voice cry’s out “don’t I deserve to be loved”? Do I deserve more?   Do I want to spend the rest of my life “ALONE” in a loveless marriage?  Is this enough? Or do I want to risk everything and be alone anyway?

    At times it is hard to breathe, and just putting one foot in front of the other is all she can do to get through the feelings.

    She is always able to pull herself out of these thoughts and feelings, but will there come a time that she can’t? Can she “settle” for the life she has lived for so long?

    Rachel M.

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