To stay silent.

How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged.

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  1. Sometimes silence is the only option. Not because you don’t trust the other person, its because nothing can help undo wat happened. Silence is in hope, that the storm will subside finally, washing away all that should not remain. And leave me on the shore where someone is waiting for me in hope.

  2. Recently someone told me something that I know they were expecting a harsh comeback if not outright rage. He may have even felt he deserved it. Instead I chose to wish him a blessed and happy life. It didn’t hurt as much as anger would have.

  3. Aye. That is a very good way to see it. It happened to me some while back. I was so upset with the way I was treated, a friend of mine looked at me and signed “Zip it! ” I turned around and walked out. I cried, but a certainly. Felt better. I left with my head held high…

  4. I didn’t stay silent. I was wrong. I’m paying the price of voicing something that I did not need or have to to someone I truly loved. He stayed silent and walked away. I have learned that not everything I am thinking has to be heard…by anyone!

  5. what about when a person INSISTS on going on and on and on and pushing your buttons and cutting you down? NON STOP?!

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