To get over the past.

To get over the past, you first have to accept that the past is over. No matter how many times you revisit it, analyze it, regret it, or sweat it…it’s over. It can hurt you no more.
― Mandy Hale

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  1. Unfortunately, this is not always true. There are things from my past that destroyed my health, and I suffer physical pain every day.

  2. You’re right it not easy to erease the past beacusr they leave signs but this is only possible becuse you believe you are the body you have and you believe in pain but know that you are a spirituale being and you can over come these pain and they don’t excist becuase there is noly one power and it’s a good power.

      1. Dear Liz, the quote does not read that “pain does not exist.” The quote reads that the past is over. It can’t hurt you no more. If it is, it is only in your thoughts. You are letting it and you are keeping the past alive by thinking about it. The only thing you can do is accept it and move on. If you are regretting it or hurting, do something about that hurt now in the present so you can move on with your future because you deserve joy and happiness today. ( If this applies to you but that is what the quote means)

  3. The key line is “it can hurt you no more” but if you hold on to pain with a label that it came from your past , then you keep revisiting the hurt. Just deal with the pain in the present circumstances…. Hard to do but not impossible.

  4. Sounds so inspiring, but just not always true. Society doesn’t forget, family, friends, future employers, law enforcement don’t forget. There are consequences & sometimes we just have to accept them and try to make the best of it. It is easier to get over hurts that have been done to you than hurts you have inflicted on yourself. We do need to learn to forgive ourselves and the Bible says that if our hearts still condemn us, HE is greater than our heart!!!

  5. I love the quotes I read these are beautifully.. I am deeply open wounds I need healing and focus the positively in life to help me to regain my strength n health n mind also get me stronger renew me to blossom a open flower bud to bloom .. Xx

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