To fight for.

Don’t worry when I fight with you. Worry when I stop because it means there’s nothing left for us to fight for.

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  1. I am not worried at all, wether you fight or not, doesn’t make any difference. The only thing made me run away from you is when thunder appears above your head, you run into your shell and wait there until the thunder is over.

  2. Stop annoying the God. Yes, God gives you what you ask, because you probably annoyed him. But don’t forget, it maybe his test for you.

  3. Fighting for something worth it is such a great way to improve oneself.

    When someone doesn’t want to fight anymore for an unknown reason to the world, is privacy which should be respected.

  4. We have this kind of routine and we create and construct in it.Sometimes we cross the barriers and we might not want it, but we couldn’t be ignorant for each other’s pain.I call this friendship.And that’s unbelievable strength.Nothing can drag us down anymore, cause we are entwining on our way up.

    1. You are right commenter Petya..each other’s pain is felt especially between soulmates…no matter how short the meeting and knowing of each other….no matter how far the distance…

      Indeed special kind of friendship…strong friendship strengthened by intelligence and wisdom…true- as what you have mentioned in one of your comments- entwined kites you are with the one you “love”…

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