To Everyone Missing A Loved One In Heaven This Holiday Season.

To Everyone Missing A Loved One In Heaven This Holiday Season.

Life can be a difficult and confusing experience at the best of times, but we know it at its worst when it comes to losing the people we love. Once we’ve grieved initially for someone that we’ve lost, our grief begins to subside somewhat. We become more adjusted to life without the person who used to be such a big part of it. It’s not like we move on and forget all about them, but we can once again see the beauty in life and feel as though it’s worth living. 
After this point, the pain and grief that we feel for the person we’ve lost tends to come in waves. We have days where we feel relatively good and at peace, and days where our hearts break all over again and we fall apart. We never know which it’s going to be when we wake up in the morning. The smallest things can remind us of some distant memory; a familiar smell, a sound, a feeling inside us that takes us right back to those that we’ve lost. We remember what it was like to be in their presence, what it was like to laugh and joke with them, and the tears fall from our eyes as we think of the love that we shared with them, the love that we know we won’t feel again from them in this life.
There are a few days every year, though, where the absence of our loved ones who have passed away hits us particularly hard; the holidays. 
This is the time of year when we’re supposed to spend time with those that we love – a time for giving, a time for laughter, a time for love and happiness. It’s at these moments, when we’re full of feeling and surrounded by our friends and family, that the absence of those whom we sorely miss and would give anything to see one last time hits us hardest. 
So, this is for you. This is for all those people with empty chairs and hollow hearts in the holiday season. Don’t try to push away the sadness or put on a brave face. Accept and honor the way you feel. Feel your negative feelings as strongly as you feel your positive ones, and know that they are just as significant and as full of meaning as any joy you could ever experience. 
Then, when the pain of the moment has passed somewhat, be with the people that you love. Remember that life is always best lived when it’s lived in the moment, and that the people you’ve lost are looking down at you and wanting more than anything for you to have fun and enjoy the holidays with your family. Cherish the time you have with the people who are there, rather than letting yourself stay hung up on the people with whom you’ve had your time in the sun. Let yourself laugh, let yourself have fun. 
Eat, drink, and be merry.  Remember that nothing lasts forever. Make the most of what’s right in front of you right now, because it will be gone before you know it.

Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©

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  1. To everyone missing someone in Heaven article….I miss my son we lost 2 1/2 yrs ago…today was his birthday, he would have been 30. Thank you for your article it touched my I stay up late on his bday in deep sadness.


    1. Hi Jeanne, Im sorry you wont find it here on the website. It was posted on Lessons Learned In Life Inc. Facebook page. I will email it to you if that’s ok.

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