“Time heals all wounds, I do not agree”

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  1. Each time I make it through a rough day or hour or whatever, I feel better because I did it. I have been through a lot, yes indeed but then I see someone else struggling and I pray for them and I feel like I’ve been selfish.

  2. Through experience I so agree that time do not heal any wounds’. It just make pain bearable….
    On the other hand I do believe Love can heal’!!!

  3. I agree the wounds are still there; however, I believe it’s what you make of the wounds. For me, I learned to help myself & heal myself. I learned that these scars don’t have power over me. I moved on, carried on, soldiered on, chose to see the light in the darkness, found my strength in time of weakness, allowed myself joy when times were challenging, etc. It is what you do for your mind & your sanity, that will replenish you, fill you up, make you whole & complete. “We’re not broken, just bent, and we can learn to love again.” -Pink

  4. I agree, past relationships take a toll. Unfinished business, mistakes & more leave a lasting sense of wanting on the soul. When time has passed you feel you’ve grown and become someone different and learned from your mistakes. Maybe hope to someday feel the way you once did with another. But I believe that you may never feel like that again. Only try to find someone better for you so you can feel complete and whole again. ✌

  5. Yes I am a strong woman because my strength comes from God. I’ve been through many storms, however having faith in Jesus helps me to establish an intimate relationship with the Lord. It seems so hard living alone for so many years. With God’s direction I connect with folks who are highly spiritual and can inspire me and give me positive advice.

  6. Well said…the scar remains to cover the wound…

    The mind takes care of a person’s sanity with the passage of time…

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