Those who hurt you.

I usually become a ghost to those who no longer deserve my time. I’ve never seen a point in explaining my absence to someone who failed to appreciate my presence. You don’t owe any explanations to those who hurt you.

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  1. When I read his diary accidentally (I swear by God), I really wanted to be his good friend. Because he was my only love ever. I Wanted to unite him with his love probably whom I had separated but I was not very sure whom he loved. Trying to read his mind he only gave me curses and blame. And also told I am dirty and trying to have affair with him posted wrong pics about me.

    He was correct, you cannot be friends with lover. I realized this little later and so agreed this time to his comment and left.

    but then he chased me and shared his stories not sure whom he meant in every story he shared all he expressed was very confusing.

    I begged him to be open and trust me, talk to me. He but again cheated cheated only cheated using his friends…

    If I get pshyco or crazy at this behaviour is it wrong. Does no one realise I have some expectations too, some trust on me and some respect.

    Does anyone know I have my personal life which constantly is a battle field some times against are friends other times my own… ????

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