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Published on August 2, 2016 in Picture Quotes

I usually become a ghost to those who no longer deserve my time. I’ve never seen a point in explaining my absence to someone who failed to appreciate my presence. You don’t owe any explanations to those who hurt you.


  1. Sandra August 3, 2016 Reply

    Oh, I TOTALLY get this and agree! Especially when they don’t appreciate it when you forgive them! They just turn around and do it again in some kind of form! The same cycle continues! Not good for any type of relationship, not to mention for yourself! Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy! Should be practiced wide openly much more than it is!

  2. Kristen August 21, 2016 Reply

    This rings true for me in so many ways! I’m lucky to have a loving husband & two great children! Unfortunately, my husbands mother has done everything in her power to manipulate and try to destroy our lives. We, for too many years gave her the benefit of the doubt and time & time again we were hurt in an unimaginable ways!
    My husband has decided it’s best for our family to remove her from our life…no more explanations no more feeling bad! We are on the road to recovery, peace and success!! ❤️

  3. Vicki De Boer January 6, 2017 Reply

    Following the suggestion helps you avoid the conflict that could erupt. I have used the art of becoming a ghost to the folks who make unkind remarks, over and over. It is always possible that I could be asked about that, but I haven’t been. Hurrah!!!

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