They’re not your people.

If you’re struggling and your people are just watching you struggle… They’re not your people.

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  1. Dont know they are our people or not. But if you really want to know I will tell you the fact that there is no one in the world that can help u, only u r the one who has to help himself/herself. Dont expect from the people around you.

  2. Very true. Strong self confidence and will power are necessary prerequisites for a successful life. Expectation from anyone is always dismaying.

  3. Well said Zankhana. Im at the stage of learning to help myself after a lifetime of stress and strain. Im 66. Hope I can have some happiness in my twilight years.x And yes Kunjbihari You hit it right on the head. Expectation from anyone else and I include some family members is always dismaying. So I dont expect anything from anyone. Blessings to you both.xx

  4. I am a VIRGO, I am very glad that I took an interest in spirituality when I
    was young, my journey has led me to know that GOD really exists, I am overcoming
    life obstacles by his grace & power, without him I would be dead. I now live a peaceable married life, in the beautiful island of Barbados (west indies)
    Greg Norville

  5. Zankhana, very well said.

    It’s so true that Only you can fix you, and Visa versa.

    Unfortunately in our society it has become almost easier to cast blame, than look in the mirror. For some of the sick, there is no recognition of thier own patters of self destructive behaviors. they tend to always cast the blame elsewhere.

    Perhaps, it’s just that the persons being referenced to as “thiers”,realize they are only being manipulated and used, and realize the sickperson isn’t interested in fixing themself at all.

    it’s a sad awakening for some and a wonderful wake up for others.

  6. I disagree…to a point. 1. Are they actually in a position to help you in the way that you need? 2. Is it watching you struggle or are you continuing to make bad decisions and they refuse to enable you further? 3. Or are they just not doing what you want?

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