They truly don’t care for you.

If someone can fall asleep knowing you’re crying, knowing you’re hurting, or knowing you didn’t get home safe, they dont truly care for you.

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  1. This really hits home I’m in the process I’m getting away from an abusive ex and I had a moment and the car where I just started crying over some situations and he just looked at me and slid down in his chair and then he said I’m going home he didn’t call me or text me when I got home to see if I was safely home or I was ok and that is when I knew he didn’t care about me.

  2. This is so true.
    I had a house fire a few years ago, and the man I was dating at the time just said, “No sh*t?” when I called to tell him that I was going to have to spend the night in my car. He then hung up. The Red Cross put me up in a hotel the next day, and for the days after, the guy I was dating never once called to see how I was doing, didn’t come to help me see what was salvageable, nor did he help me look for a new place to live. Nothing. He broke up with me a few days later, because I was being “such a drag.”

  3. Hope it worked out Alexandria!! I also hope someone was there for you, I know how difficult and heartbreaking a home fire can be. Your boyfriend didnt deserve you! Actually, I’m currently going through the afterburn of a house fire as well. It’s been a year and a half and no settlement from the insurance company. It has honestly been the most difficult thing I have ever been through and I’m a cancer survivor. To top it off the games the insurance company plays as well as their bullying tactics are criminal. They investigated me knowing I didnt have anything to do with that fire. I had been with them for 25 years….I looked right at the investigator and told him my life circumstances don’t make me a criminal. They even wanted 2 years of my and my boyfriends phone records and banking records. I gave them mine but told them I didnt have to submit his, though I gave them a years worth. Though we havent been getting along, he is still here. The insurance company (you’re not in good hands) dropped the investigation the day before coverage for the hotel was to expire and I became officially ‘homeless’ Yes you find out quickly who loves you, including and not limited to, even your own family. My mom’s funeral was that morning and she had a home built onto my sisters house, seperate living facilities with an indoor bridge. Did she offer me temporary refuge? No, I was in a hotel for 4 months and now live in a camper with my dogs who saved my life and who dearly love me and are by my side especially when they can sense I am upset.

    1. Colleen, you seriously need to get an attorney. What the insurance company did is unethical, saying you were up to date with your payments.

      It is their duty to pay for damages and any additional living expenses. Not sure why they would request phone records,, but if you and your boyfriend are shooting straight with no criminal backgrounds, there should not been a problem.

  4. My fiancé everytime we get into a bad fight gets so angry with me even if I was the one who was upset to begin with and somehow I end up alone crying all night and he breaks up with me or leaves our home and comes back sleeps and then apologizes in the morning and tells me it’s all going to be ok and he will change. He’s never actually hit me but is it still abuse if he pushes me or pins me to the bed cussing at me and calling me names? This quote just truly hits home for me my father always told me don’t ever go to bed angry and I always thought that was a good philosophy but my fiancé thinks otherwise and sleeps soundly after a fight and not making up, I can’t find it in myself to sleep or do much of anything if we can’t resolve the fight or at least make up. I know couples fight and get mad at each other and may need sometime to cool off and be alone but isn’t the most important thing that we love each other no matter what and to forgive? Is there anyone out there with advice or been in the same boat as me because I feel so alone and wish I could get him to understand but everytime I try it doesn’t go well

    1. Dear Lauren, All I can tell you, is that what you allow is what will continue. Meaning every time he disrespects you and you choose to stay in the relationship, you are sending him a message: ” You can treat me this way and disrespect me, and I will take it and stay”
      There is a saying: In the courting stage or at the beginning of the relationship, just remember this is as good as it will get. All your signs are there to know if this man will treat you well in the future.

  5. A heartbreaking reality to face, but I have been gradually coming out of the pain to see those who truly do care are still with me, even if they are physically far away.

  6. Before getting into another reletionship , find happiness and love within yourself. Learn to live alone for sometime. This will automatically empower you to select out partners who are abusive, insecure, and possessive.

  7. I have been in a bad relationship for too long…my 3rd marriage, and too embarrassed to be called a failure again to leave. A quote I saw the other day opened my eyes to see the light…”Don’t cling to a mistake just because you’ve invested a lot of your time in making it.”. Hope this helps someone the way it helped me.

  8. What do you do if you’ve already allowed it to happen for years? How do you break or change this cycle?

  9. I have been there with someone I loved very all of you God Bless. Sometimes the hardest part is to just let go .. let it go! be happy life is to precious for anything for anything else.

  10. Dear Lauren
    Your comment broke my heart and I pray that you find some peace of mind.
    A word of caution though from someone who has been on the same road as yourself…
    If you continue down that road it is going to be a VERY lonely and frustrating journey ahead with little to no love that you can depend on.
    The first few times my partner did that I was shocked at how he thought it’s ok to live in unpleasantness but it became a habit so much so that 4 years later now what I feel doesn’t matter AT ALL and I have no right to complain or express any form of dissatisfaction without creating a whole lot of unnecessary long drawn out drama that lasts for days.

    And just a question is there also the silent treatment being given to you? If yes then please read about subjects like narcissism and emotional abuse.

    Believe me such fake love will do you no good in the long run and it is true that being alone is better than being with the wrong person.

    Much love and good luck to you for your future.

  11. Thanks for thoughs encouraging words. I am no longer n the relationship n took alot of mistakes n abuse plus debt to encourage me to get out .He did at times give me the silent treatment. Right now i am trying to build myself back up n tell myself i am worth something. N clean the mess up he did to my house n get the debt paid. But i feel so blessed that i made it to this point. I pray everything will work out for u to .

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