To encourage you to keep going.
To remind you to be strong.

Published on November 3, 2018 in Picture Quotes, Revive

It’s nice when someone remembers small details about you. Not because you keep reminding them, but because they actually care.


  1. Larry Cunningham November 3, 2018 Reply

    In compliment to your valued comment; remember, “People don’t care about how much you know – until they know how much you care.” It is “He” who gives us the breath of life and the potential to achieve and become all of which He has gifted us to be in the brevity of this life. Therefore, it is greater to endure the pain of discipline, than to deal with the pain of regret. Respectfully, Larry Cunningham, Retired U.S. Military

  2. Leslie McLea November 4, 2018 Reply

    I love this !

  3. LL November 4, 2018 Reply

    I love this too, it is so true!

  4. Sharon November 4, 2018 Reply

    So very true..A question was asked today “When was the last time someone called to ask how were you doing, If you needed anyrhing?”. I honestly couldn’t remember.

  5. Aina November 4, 2018 Reply

    Leave everything to God, only he can open your eyes. My honest advice for you from my own life experience. Stop judging.

  6. Sasha Robinson November 8, 2018 Reply

    Please forgive Father God

  7. Sasha Robinson November 8, 2018 Reply

    Please Forgive me Father God

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