Little things mean so much

There is no recipe for a perfect relationship but we can enhance it with simple gestures that mean so much to a loving heart; a kiss when you leave, a hug when you come back, a text in the middle of the day that reads “I miss you” and the promise that you will make each other a priority when you are together.
~Brigitte Nicole

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  1. This Is so beautiful and true. I do believe In Life with a lot of things Little Things do mean a lot. There is also a Song Little Things mean A lot By Kitty Kallen. It is a Oldie But a Goodie. Your Forever Friend Tustles lake KTF

  2. I thank you for this post. It defines what I don’t have and validates that i am not crazy to demand it. I thought I was co-dependant or demanding. I am just with a person that doesn’t want me. 🙁

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