There can be pride in vulnerability.

“They say, ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’… I don’t agree. Some things that didn’t kill me, came so close that they’re still damaging. They didn’t make me better. Some things made me worse. And can’t that be ok too? Can’t some things just break you? The whole world wants you to believe that admitting defeat makes you weak. For God’s sake, Bleed. And Bleed openly. There can be pride in vulnerability. Honesty is maturity. And really, it’s the things that did kill me, that made me.”

~J. Raymond

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  1. Yes, we’re being damaged because the hurtful thing that doesn’t kill us has always been stayed here. it couldn’t be forgotten..

    1. Right commenter Yin…it may not killed us but the hurt effect always stay….as I always say that pain will always be there as evidenced by the scar…

  2. Yes, made me worse, as to realise I have to push harder to get better of the best version of me so far.I trust the process.

    1. Good commenter Petya you believe and trust in the process of healing…process of rebuilding the good if not the best in us…

      Let us keep on pushing harder, steadfast and strong to be better… and not be worse.

  3. If we make it thru, we see joy in seeing the Light….

    We are just humans to be vulnerable…honest and mature to bleed…and struggles to recover…

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