The seven most common traits of toxic people.

The seven most common traits of toxic people.

Toxic people come in many forms. Whether they’re narcissists, sociopaths devoid of emotion, or simply childish, they’re everywhere and they’re hard to avoid crossing paths with at points throughout your life. The best way to deal with them is simply to avoid their presence (and therefore their negative influence) as much as you possibly can. Here are seven of the most common traits of toxic people so that you can see them coming a mile away and steer clear!

  • Manipulation

This is the bread and butter of any toxic person – manipulating others to their advantage. Manipulation can be hard to detect as it’s very often subtle, but over a long enough period of time the red flags begin to pile up and you’ll notice that something is wrong. Watch out for playing on your emotions and trying to guilt you into doing things for them.



  • Judgemental

Someone who is quick to judge others is someone who doesn’t put themselves in other people’s shoes. Jumping to conclusions and writing people off due to the things they do without looking at it from their perspective or considering that it may have been a reasonable course of action given their circumstances is a common example of toxic behaviour.

  • A lack of humility

It’s important to be secure in yourself and your abilities, and comfortable in your own skin. Being arrogant, immodest, and quick to talk about how superior to others you are, however, is behaviour that always leads to upset. If a person thinks they’re the bee’s knees and is unapologetically vocal about it, it’s very likely that they’re a selfish, self-important, and toxic person. Anyone unable to take a humble view of themselves has an inflated sense of self-worth. We’re all only human. No one is perfect.



  • They take no responsibility for their actions and rarely apologise

A person that is always placing the blame for things they’ve done onto other people is someone that doesn’t hold themselves responsible for the (negative) consequences of their actions. People make mistakes. It’s part of being human. The proper way to handle having caused harm to others, unintentionally or otherwise, is to be mature, to apologise to anyone you’ve wronged, and to accept that you made a mistake. Trying to hide from the truth and shifting the blame onto someone else is cowardly and toxic behaviour.

  • They have no problem lying

Lying comes easily to toxic people. For some, it’s as natural as breathing. They have no problem lying to you through their teeth, often with a smile. When you know someone lies often and without trouble, stay as far away from them as you can. It’s important to surround yourself with positive, honest people.



  • It’s all about them

When every conversation you have with someone is all one way, with them never showing any interest in what you have to say, or never asking you anything other than superficial questions before quickly turning the spotlight back upon themselves, run for the hills. It’s a big red flag of a toxic person. Life is too short to keep people who are only interested in themselves in your life.


They live for drama

Any person who seeks out, instigates, or needs drama to give their lives some kind of meaning is toxic, make no mistake. This type of behaviour breeds more drama – those who go looking for something often find it in abundance. If they’re always starting fights, egging on others to start fights or be confrontational, or taking obvious delight in a situation where people are riled up and in conflict, they’re toxic. Strongly consider dropping them out of your life. You’ll be far happier and able to enjoy a more peaceful existence once you do.

Written by Maverick - Staff Writer. 

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  1. And then one day she said hit the road Jack, no more no more….

    Even if she ends up alone for the rest of her life…..

  2. Instead of avoidig them. Help them, turn them back into a productive person to this world. Don’t just leave them alone. Thats why they are the way they are. They are alone. Be there for them, listen to them.

    1. ❤. Sometimes though it is best to leave them and let them find their way or you get dragged down too far and are no use to anyone..Bless you.

  3. Barb is right. I’ve helped one, turned that person back into a “productive” person as that person changed bad work for good one and is living “better” life, but that’s all. No one can’t change theirs cold heart. You will end up emotionally drained, so bad way, that you feel you are dying alive. They are sucking life of you. They will appreciate you with words but no in fact, they are never here for you when you really need them. You will care that much but they never care for you, at all, you are just thing to please them, no more. Dropping them out of your life is the best you can do for you, cause you finally realised there’s no other way how to save you and your life. With them you are staying in hell around and around, there’s no end. So, Jakob, sorry, but you are wrong.

  4. I stopped helping the self absorbed types. No more wasted effort for thankless people. Energy needs to be given and taken. Otherwise, it’s like clapping with one hand.

  5. No Nikki.. Angel tried to change that person for the better, succeeding some, but could only do so much. There comes a time you have to protect yourself, stress is a killer and it never ends with with toxic people. Mental illness is hard to manage because normally you cannot convince them of the issue, therefore they won’t agree to be helped.

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