The saddest thing.

The saddest thing is when you’re feeling down, you look around and realize that there is no shoulder for you to lean on.

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  1. Been there many times which strengthened my Spiritual muscles! God does for me what I can’t do! Still learning to Trust the Process, because miracles bloom from fertilizer (💩)!

  2. Been that way since ny Ed was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s!
    Never felt so alone in my whole life!
    Alzheimer’s killed my husband but took me with it!

  3. This may seem true at first but a quick look around here and I can find several neighbours that are stuck at home and want a friend round for a cup of tea and online I have support groups for both chronic pain and my individual weird prescription meds. It all helps.

  4. I know that feeling it just made me a more stronger person and it also brought me to the realization that people are not always what you think or hope.

  5. The saddest thing is only you can change that?
    The hardest thing is to reach out.
    The greatest thing is the gifts you receive when you do.

  6. I feel alone in a house full of people, I do for everyone everyday, but once they all get home no one has time to even talk to me! I wonder if they would notice if I weren’t here. I watch my daughter and son in laws kids I get them off to school and I am here after school as well. I clean, wash cloth and have dinner for everyone then I also clean up the mess. I also feed her horse and cats. They live down stairs at least they wash their own cloths. I am 70 years old and not in the best of health but still kicking. I need a break and some rest, going on 4 years no getting a way so much for retirement!

  7. This is true, and most people seem to forget after a loss we are already a bit off balance. Reaching out is not easy, and if your like me and made your husband your whole life then starting over is darn hard. Dig deep

  8. I recently had a friend of mine tragically killed in a car driven by a drunk driver . I feel alone because time is going on but I’m still very sad . And I can’t just pull it together!

  9. Because we have suffered from grief, we are now tender hearted towards others. We become aware of how closely we are all connected to help one another. Love is often forged out of sadness.

  10. I’ve been feeling very lonely for the past 6 months. Lost my sister 2 yrs ago my ex at the beginning of the year and my best friend in May. I’ve just closed myself off from people for the past few months. My husband is not understanding at all and I guess too busy with his own life to even realize how sad I am. Just taking one day at a time and praying for the lord to show me the way. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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