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Published on August 25, 2016 in Picture Quotes

The saddest end to a relationship is one where you have to break up with somebody when you’re still in love with them. It sounds bizarre but it happens, because the truth is, as powerful and as thrilling and as wonderful as it may be, love isn’t always enough and to be in love doesn’t always mean you’re happy. You can continue to love someone even after they’ve hurt you, but you know deep inside yourself that it won’t ever be the same again.


  1. Stevie A. August 25, 2016 Reply

    Disagree!!! Try being the person on the other end. You’re a coward… You’re NOT going thru the hardest love of your life… You’re a person who gives up and quits because the other person is still there, still trying.

  2. Rita August 25, 2016 Reply

    Soo very true!

  3. Deborah L. Ledoux August 26, 2016 Reply

    The pain just never goes away,it is so sad but true.

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