The person you were meant to become.

Life doesn’t always introduce you to the people you want to meet. Sometimes, life puts you in touch with the people you need to meet to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to gradually strengthen you into the person you were meant to become.” –

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  1. I do agree with you on this. I experience this , this year and I thank God for it.

  2. It sounds so nice. But thinking and thinking over my situation, I feel more hopeless than ever about these surely nice meant words. To hurt people, who love me and who I love, hurts already. But well, this was my decision and I can handle it. I have chosen this way, because I believe, it is the right way. Because I believe I really need exactly this new way, I´ve decided for.
    And it is not because of romantic thoughts looking through pink glasses. It is because of I remembered, who I used to be, when I was not captivated in the world which was built around me. And I remembered this, when I discovered, that there is another world outside, which fit so much more to my desires, my nature, my love.
    But slowly I have doupts. This world I want walk in has probably closed the doors. There is no entrance for me anymore. I have waited and ignored too long. This world does not want me anymore.
    So, I read this post again and again and want to define my next steps. World “1” I have left behind, world “2” is closed. World “3”? clicking “restart”, quitting everything of your past? packing your bag an leaving far, far away, best the other side of the world? If this is the message behind, it is a hard choice I have to do. Why all this? I question myself. I´m not a lone warrior. I need somebody who loves me, supports me, stay with me and really want to understand me. I´m not a person who can bear, being alone.

  3. So touching poetry….yet thanks Heaven I knew him…an opportunity, honor and privilege.

    That person just didn’t know how much he had been a part of my world…..nevertheless- leaving may mean something better for our existence in this humanity.

  4. Yes Steffi…I had to express it honestly as I am an MBA and not a Master of Lies…I would even have appreciated it more if I can tell him straight these words but……like you have said in your case- you have three (3) worlds- leaving behind…closing the door and quitting the past and restart….really a hard choice to fight for…but if leaving far,far away to the other side of the world is the best remedy- we cannot do anything anymore….

    Life has to go on…

    But the thought and bond of friendship will always be there…for life no matter what…

    1. Very true Arlene . Life teaches us lessons and it is for us to implement it in our lives and move on . You become the person you are meant to become . That is one’s destiny in this birth . There is also gratitude for the person who put you there in the first place , other wise one would have not become stronger for the roller coasters one experiences in one’s life .

    2. Thank you . Life teaches us lessons and we have to implement these lessons in our lives and move on .

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