The people you care about.

Don’t waste your time caring about the people who don’t like you– chances are you don’t like them either. Don’t waste your time worrying if people are talking about you- you affected their lives, they didn’t affect yours. Waste your time with the people you care about- live in the moment, because your family and friends are what matter most. Because it’s all about the simple things in life. A comfy home, good food on the table, and surrounded by the people you love.


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  1. True!
    As I said earlier, sometimes is hard to deal with old school people. Especially those who never go abroad with bunch of paperwork n misunderstanding the most. It’s Hard. Many times I wanna give up N asked him to block my fb. I’m ok with that cuz I’m getting tired

  2. Is it I have to write here again n again to explain? Since if I wrote to you in my private messages you may not believe me.
    Is it if I wrote that somebody is laugh at me n said that I’m stupid means I’m talking bout you?
    Is it my problems in my life only you?
    Don’t you forget I have families n relatives plus friends in this planet.
    Is it only you that have problem with grandma or her families or so that others don’t have problems?
    We all have problems, we just don’t want to be stress over something too seriously.
    Why would I wrote to you over n over for almost 10 months without reply if I wasn’t serious. You think I’ll waste my time n energy for random people or if I wasn’t serious? NO!
    So many people in this planet, but I’m faithful n want to focus only one. Why don’t you understand?
    Take it or leave it, up to you

  3. I think teasing you also cannot cuz you want your life to be serious all the time. N being quiet peaceful like those older people way. I’m not them, I’m me, very different. If those older people don’t like jumping around, I still like to jumping around n more for example.

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