The people that did you wrong.

The people that did you wrong are telling a different version of the story and they’re playing the victim.

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  1. that is exactly right ananya!!. they want attention taken away from them but I am here to tell you that chaos follows them everywhere they go. I am a witness to this statement. also don’t forget that whatever is done in the dark ALWAYS come to light! !!

  2. So true. My X tells the children hurtful things about me and turns them against me. What kind of person is so cruel to hurt their own children like this. This is child abuse and you cant even stop it!! Those kids deserve both parents yet they are going to grow up hating the good one because im too kind to tell them daddy is a liar. 🙁

  3. Yes. Ask me if I care.
    He has been in this boat before and he will be in it again! It’s a cycle for him. A poor lost 49 year old teenager trying to resolve the issues from his childhood and teen years never finding what he is looking for.

  4. J-Lin , my x did exactly the same thing 😡 lied to my kids about me !
    I’ve kept all the bad about him from my kids because he is their dad . Someday they will know the truth ! He’s so insecure! It has broken my heart 💔

  5. Oh boy can I relate. My ex did this to me 5 times to cheat over 4 years. At first I thought it was just some communication problem. Then I thought maybe I was too harsh. But now, I know, after being told how “awesome” I am but that he’s had a “change of heart,” I know that it’s a cycle and he’ll be back when the gal who caught his eye falls out of his favor. So degrading if you don’t catch onto it sooner.

  6. TRUE! My husband of 35 years left me for another woman. I had no idea and was completely blindsided by this revelation. The he had the unmitigated gall to put the blame squarely on me and to further declare that I “pushed him into her arms”. I am still reeling over this but sometimes I think it could have been a blessing in disguise. He has shown no remorse for any of this so that alone speaks volumes. Ask yourself what kind woman would willingly get involved with a man she clearly knew was married and had been married for a long time? As women we should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Oh well, life goes on and so will I, better and stronger too! Wishing all of you a day filled with peace!

  7. I cut off all communication with this type of person . Let them talk to the wall. This type of person is dead to me ! C.W. Philly

  8. Well I have to say my experience us that of my ex playing the victim he is no doubt filling our mutual friends heads with his bull shit making me out to be the baddie but luckily for me I am strong enough to hold my own and my consence is clear good riddance is what I say onwards and upwards as the saying goes .

  9. Karma: Do not take revenge, just sit back and watch. If you are lucky,you may see. If not others will.

  10. My husband of 31 years pretended to be raped instead of admitting to an affair, and when I called BS, he just ran away with a younger woman and sent me a text.
    He told everyone I abused him. He dressed for the role of victim and played one. Narcissist only know how to be victims.

  11. Seens men need excuses to end a relationship. Why can’t the just talk openly and honestly? Instead the lie and cheat.
    One day you find yourself alone after being married for years( mine was almost 26 years) and he has left you for someone half his age.
    To top it off he told her kids and ur own kids that You we t e the cheater. How can a woman have that kind of time with four children????
    Turns families into arguing matches!!! Hate it..I am not going to play the game. So I ignore the crap ..finally!

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