The pain of saying goodbye.

It’s really painful to say goodbye to someone that you don’t want to let go of, but it’s even more painful to hold on to them if they never wanted to stay in the first place. If someone doesn’t show you the same love that you show them, and acts as if you are unimportant most of the time, this may be a big clue as to the fact that you don’t need them in your life either. The only people you truly need in your life are those who respect you and want you to be in theirs.

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  1. Only give someone your heart who respect you and they wants to be in your life just as much you wants to be in theirs. No games

  2. it is so painfull to say good bye,but sometimes ,its a lot easier than trying to hang in there for all the wrong reasons,im a true believer that when a love relationship is over,then its over.there is no real need to be unhappy and sad because u are getting farther as farther apart and the love that once was just is no happy for what good u can remember for,and just say im sorry to the one you know u let get so far away that she can never be your love and inspirations that u grew to love before things went wrong….

    1. Thank you Richard for this. Well spoken! This I’m going to share with someone very close to me. I’m hoping she will try to believe yours words and at least find a little bit of peace. Bless you. (:

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