The pain lessens but it is never gone.

It has been said, “time heals all wounds.” I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone”
Rose Kennedy

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  1. I wish this statement were false. Yes some pains are there to stay. These are the ones that sculpted deep into the future like loosing a son…or loosing a dear wish that turned the days the other way….

  2. excellent post! Am in a grieving process my Mo passed away 2yrs.ago on August8th.All you people on this site that still have their Mom’s hug them every time you are with her a lot. Never take for granted. My Mom said to me “Gloria God gives us this Earth for a very short time then he takes us back home again “I said “I know Mom but your only 80yrs.old I have a x-Husband and his Grandma was101yrs.old knitting blind. Finally she almost made to 102yrs. old then she went into a coma and passed 3day’s later. I used to be a R.N.I Quit a trauma Center to go and make sure she was not going to get beat in the Nursing Home. And the Nursing Home said “you certainly can take that wing and she will be your patient.Ok time does NOT heal all wounds the grieving process I have several books that aim reading one is a daily meditation book the other books that I read say’s if someone comes up to you how are you doing with your Mom’s passing? Well right now as a matter of fact am grieving really hard right now.their response “you should be over that by now the book that am reading say’s your response to them is this. There is no time frame for grieving now get away from me just wait until your Mom passes and you are grieving aim goanna find you and say oh my condolences on your Mom’s passing you are done grieving now right!? and see how she responds to you I can tell you exactly what I told her by the way in a nice way the book say’s a swear word I will not put in this comment grieving has NO TIME FRAME!!! it can be 2yrs. 10 yrs. What you need to do is accept the death I still have not and it is ok where ever u are in the process is just that then you need to have happy life knowing that you are ok now with her not being by your side decorating my new house in about 7-8 months and be ok with that. So time frame I could just shake them up and say where aim in my, yes emphasize where aim in MY PROCESS IS EXACLY WHERE AM SUPPOSE TO BE IT IS MY GRIEVING LADIES & GENTS REMEMBER TO GIVE YOUR mom a bunch of extra hugs when she leaves your home to go back to her home who knows what will happen she could pass in her sleep. I have MOM”S ashes in my Hutch in a china bowl her ash’s are in a Velcro bag in again in a baggie. And ALOT OF angels around her and my Fiancé’s mom pasted away 1year ago in June and at the Funeral Home they have all these things you can buy like a sterling silver necklace and ashes in a like barrel. Well at my Fiancé ‘Funeral Home you could bring a picture of her and they put the picture in glass candle really creative I think. So now you had a lot to read on your short post anger came to my mind first.Thank You for your post & God Bless,Gloria

    1. Dear Gloria, Thank you for Sharing your story. I love reading your posts and this one brought a tear. I hope you can find comfort with all the memories you had with your mom and you are so right, there is no time limit on grieving. Everyone has heals at their own pace. Blessings, Brigitte

  3. Don’t I know this just too well. When my baby boy passed away at 5 weeks I had people telling me that time heals. Well reality check, it doesn’t. Someone gave me the best advice though. You’re never gonna feel whole again, the pain will never go away. In time you learn to live with it, it’s like loosing an arm. It’s never gonna grow back, but you learn to live with only one arm. This truly is the best advice I could have gotten. 😉

  4. I’ve been widowed twice in the last twenty-three years….I don’t even think about healing….for I know the pain will always be there….but also the memories….that come on with both happy smiles and sad tears….I’m content with that….and just consider myself increditably blessed….to have had them in my life…. even for the too short they were here with me….


    Some people live their lives as if there were no tomorrow,
    Not She and I, we lived our lives together,
    As if the tomorrows would never end.

    We laughed and cried, danced and dreamed together,
    And spent all of our time together just enjoying our life.
    Together, every thing was together.

    We had our little moments of conflict,
    Yet they always ended quickly, with a “I’m sorry”
    A hug, a kiss and we both would, well, almost always, proclaim
    “It was my fault” …. and it was over.

    She was the planner, the organizer, the worrier,
    And I was the dreamer, she my accomplice,
    For thirteen beautiful years, they were our dreams, together.
    Her dreams were mine, and mine hers.

    Those last three wonderful years she lived her dream,
    Our beautiful home and those expansive tropical gardens,
    She nurtured, tended, constantly expanded and loved.
    She was the designer, the artist. I, her assistant.

    We both were outgoing, she, like I, never met a stranger.
    She had a host of friends. And my friends were her friends, hers mine.

    Life with her was music, beautiful music.
    And we both, in our hearts, thought the music would never end.

    Then, one day, she was called away. And I thought the music had ended
    But the music hasn’t ended, and it never will…
    For the music of Nancy will play on forever,
    In my heart, in the hearts of her family…
    And everybody she touched along the way.

    Nancy’s Jim

    1. Jim, I found your ode to your Life with Nancy quite moving. Thank you. It’s been almost 3 years since my Husband of 32 years passed away. So hard to try to find someone else deserving of our love at this stage, but don’t let this stop you from sharing your obvious love of life with another…

  5. When I lost my father 26 years ago I thought then I lost both of my legs and my surroundings in darkness at 24. I tried living with the pain in my heart with every wish I told myself I should have given all special attention and obeyed him in all his advice’s. It is then I fully understand the good intentions he had for all of us his children. Now I know the pain of losing someone so dear is unbearable, I think I can afford to lose one again. The pain is still here the scar that reminds me of my father and the lessons I’ve learned that thought me how to bring up my son and how to understand my husband and the love and care for my mother and siblings.

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