The only people you need in your life.

It’s really painful to say goodbye to someone that you don’t want to let go of, but it’s even more painful to hold on to them if they never wanted to stay in the first place. If someone doesn’t show you the same love that you show them, and acts as if you are unimportant most of the time, this may be a big clue as to the fact that you don’t need them in your life either. The only people you truly need in your life are those who respect you and want you to be in theirs.

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  1. This spoke to my heart in the deepest part of it . A10 minute phone call could clear all that up. mixed messages and assumptions too critical to make decisions on

    1. I can totally relate
      I finally had to let go.
      If it was meant to be, it would have been. It just means something better is waiting. 🙂

  2. This really hit home with me. Because I myself was trying get someone to be in a commented relationship and he really did not want to be. Especially with me and I couldn’t except that. I now have excepted the fact as to how he feels about me. So we remain friends but I keep my distances i do not bother him at ail. It’s hard especially when you have stuck by them when they was in jail. After they got out put a car in your name for them to drive even though he had no driver licensing. Then after they get on their feet get their licensing and doing good. They have no use for you. Yes it hurt, but I have gave it to God. He will handle it.

  3. Even if it means parting ways with your own grown children. When you’ve done everything & raised them well & given all the love & support….. If they don’t respect & treat you as unimportant…. Walk away

    1. Adult kids who cut off their family without even a spoken or written reason why hurts like a death of a loved one every single day for the rest of your life.

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