The one who wants to be with you.

The one who wants to be with you knows that falling deeply in love with you doesn’t happen all at once and it can take years to truly get to know someone. Learning about someone is like wandering through a mansion with many rooms; it’s always discovering that there’s another door to unlock. This person is willing to go on that journey, to be constantly surprised by how intricate and deliciously complex you are. But they also love how simple you are sometimes, as simple as a backrub after a long day, because they love everything about you. They’re willing to stick it out with you through the hard conversations and the rough patches — whatever it takes to be together, they’re willing to fight for it.


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  1. I keep getting conflicting info. It might seem as though someone I have already met who is much older than me plans to come into my life and sweep off my feet, while I am open to getting to know someone as a person, it’s awfully presumptuous to assume I will fall in love with them. How is this person so sure? Going through a very hard time right now dealing with past issues and ppl…reality of things…trying to put things into a new perspective and face what actually is from how I was so sure about something and find out I was totally wrong. I am not even thinking about love or someone new etc. Just concentrating on my goals to better myself and my situation. Not looking for anyone so how is this person so sure I will fall in love with them?

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