The love between Grandchildren and Their Grandparents.

The love between Grandchildren and Their Grandparents.

In early childhood and even in teenage years, children are greatly attached to their grandparents. The affection and care given by the grandparents often surpass the love of parents. This comes as no surprise since in most cases parents get too busy in their jobs while grandparents spend most of the time with young ones. However, in a perfect case scenario, the children are most close to their parents and grandparents at their young age. The relationship between grandparents and children cannot be explained in a single line since there are a number of reasons that help this relation bloom.
Love is the most crucial emotion that drives a relation forward. Like any other relation, the same is valid in this scenario. Children look for love and care; they become attached to the ones that shower them with love and affection. As most know, grandparents are the most loving and selfless people in a person’s life after parents. Before we continue to explore the importance of this relation, let’s take a look at some of the reasons for the deep bonding and emotional attachment children have with their grandparents.
1. Plenty of Love
The selfless relation between children and their grandparents is filled with love. In old age, grandparents shower the young ones with all the love they have and take extreme care of them. In the growing years when a child can understand, love is the language that helps overcome the language barrier and conveys the message. Emotional intimacy and care are something all children need in their growing years. Grandparents are there for you even when no one else is. They listen to your problems and guide you through every phase of your life. This experience develops a feeling of attachment and comfort in children.
2. Plenty of Time
The most powerful asset in a person’s life is his time. Grandparents sometimes spend the entire day with young children and help them learn and play. They focus all their attention on the children and make them feel important. Listening to the young children’s vague young ideas and imaginary stories not only helps grandparents understand the children but also helps the children develop a strong bond with their elders.
3. Plenty of Support
Have you ever seen a child’s painting? It is not a masterpiece for all we know, but the grandparents and elders never say that to a child. No matter how poor the result is, all they look at is the child’s effort to make it. The same is the case in singing, running fast, and several other expeditions that children take on themselves. This supportive nature of the grandparents helps the children develop confidence and trust. Grandparents act as the support system of young children and help them pursue their dreams. This is the reason that a single visit from the grandparents lights up the entire week of young kids.


4. Grandchildren help Grandparents live longer.
The science is pretty clear that staying close to your child’s grandparents (even if you can’t live right down the street) is good for everyone. The kids become more resilient, and grandparents become healthier: Research suggests grandparents who watch their grandchildren add an average of five years to their lives. An intergenerational connection really is a win-win.
5. Boosting Learning
Grandparents can be a great source of learning for young children. According to recent research, it has been observed that deeper understanding and emotional bonds help in the extraordinary growth of a child’s mind. The elderly are very cautious in decision-making and have a patient personality. These traits help in understanding the children and listening to their point of view.
2. Confidence
Children take risks at their early age far more than any other age group. They try to explore new things and take an interest in nearly everything new. This curious nature of young ones can often lead to some poor outcomes. In such a case, grandparents are the first to support the child and restore his confidence. Many children can lack confidence at a young age due to repeated mistakes. Still, the supportive role of a grandparent helps them overcome the fear of failure.
3. Loneliness in old age
As a person grows old, he becomes secluded from most people in his life. The growing age leads to several diseases and several other health factors as the body becomes weak. Thus in old age, a person
loses his social interaction, and the friend circle starts to diminish. Grandchildren help their elderly overcome these lonely feelings by spending time with them. They help ameliorate the sad feelings of their grandparents and make them feel wanted once more. In old age, everyone you know becomes busy in their own life and grandparents may be left alone. Grandchildren are a ray of hope in such times as they provide a new meaning to the drab lives of older adults. Spending time with the young ones provides a sense of purpose and overall happiness for the grandparents.

The relationship of grandparents with their grandchildren is full of love and care. It helps in the early developmental years of the child and gives them feelings of importance and moral support whenever they need it. Also, learning at a young age is greatly enhanced and helps in personality development. Similarly, in the lives of grandparents, grandchildren have a positive impact and provide them a sense of purpose and happiness. This relation is based on acts of selflessness and utmost love. It is truly one of the closest and purest relations that a person can have.

Written by Brigitte Nicole, Lessons Learned In Life Inc.

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  1. Yep! I miss my Grandpa! He lived to be 97 and I was right by his side up until his death and never regretted a moment of the time we spent together. He taught me about loyalty, honesty and fairness that I carry with me to this day!

  2. I have 3 grandchildren from 4days old to 8yrs old. I love them dearly. But newest one my sons first baby him & his wife will not let me see her due to fact they think i have relapsed & think im still using. What can i do to see my newest one & to proove them wrong?

  3. Grandparents hold a special place in children’s lives. There is nothing like the love that grandparent has for their grandbabies. Children know that their grandparents love them and care about them. Many times there are a large array of life lessons that you can learn from them as well. They have experienced many things in their life. -Ryan

  4. Grandparents hold a special place in children’s lives. There is nothing like the love that grandparent has for their grandbabies. Children know that their grandparents love them and care about them. Many times there are a large array of life lessons that you can learn from them as well. They have experienced many things in their life. -Ryan

  5. I have just found your website and I am so thrilled. I’ll look forward to your daily emails and new posts.

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