The life that you truly deserve.

The first step to living the life you want is leaving behind the life you don’t want. Letting go of the past is your first step towards happiness. You are here for a special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your present. Learn from your regrets, but do not punish yourself with them. Live beyond your scars and focus on building the life that you truly deserve. Let today be the first day of your new life.

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  1. That’s all well and good for the Normal, but it really doesn’t apply to those with PTSD…we are fighting for our lives, and would Love nothing better than to forget…….I do enjoy most of your Post but every once in a while they strike a nerve……

    1. Victoria, it applies especially to those of us who have suffered the horrors of PTSD, that’s why it struck a nerve. It isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, but you have to apply what was said in this quote, work towards it everyday of your life, get the counseling you need, and dig as deep as you can everyday of your life to overcome it. It will be the hardest battle you have ever face trying to mend your shattered soul. It will either consume you, or you will overcome it and feel the peace you truly deserve. I know. I have gone through many of the great horrors in my life, and I never thought I would break free of it, the memories that I couldn’t keep from pervading my thoughts, or the scars from my past. But I was determined to break the chains that bound me in that hell, and now I am free.
      Best wishes and kind regards,

  2. Wow!!!! This is one that I need at this specific time. I’m at a crossroad and need to make pretty huge decisions that would influence a lot of peoples lives. And yes, if I choose the road I am anticipating on taking, I would be leaving a huge chunk of my past behind. One just never know how things will work out and the unknown is scary.

  3. I so hear you Victoria, and yet, having suffered from PTSD/complex trauma for many years, and now being in a profession where I help others deal with it, I can tell you that it is possible to live “beyond” your scars and trauma. This doesn’t mean denying the symptoms or difficulties you are living with, but it does mean that you call yourself, no matter what, to ongoing healing each and every day. It can be the simplest thing, from using grounding skills or relaxation breathing in the midst of an anxiety attack or flashback, it can mean telling yourself that even though you are having difficulty sleeping tonight, you have had many good nights of sleep, and have been able to calm that racing brain before and can do it again, it can mean knowing that spiritually you are working to connect with your higher power, it can mean that each day you wake up knowing that no matter what comes, you can help yourself through it with helpful positive thoughts, and that the past is over and the present is now and the future will be much improved. It can mean knowing that grief and tears are healing, and that tears do not mean depression, but rather they mean important grief work. It can mean so very many things. The key is that you believe this; that you can live beyond your symptoms, fears and difficulties one day at a time. Blessings!!

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