The lessons life teaches you.

You will come across many people in your life. They will all have a purpose to fulfill. Some will teach you a lesson and some will leave your soul wounded. Some will love you for their selfish motives and some will love you unconditionally. Some will cheat you, lie to you and stab you in your back. Learn from the lessons life teaches you and don’t waste your time on people who are there in your life for their convenience and who never take you seriously. Don’t allow people to use you for their happiness. Just be Strong and don’t let anything break you or leave you shattered. Choose the people whom you want in your life. © Aarti Khurana

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  1. This is so true and I have had more than my fair share of such people in my life. It has crushed my spirit and left me heartbroken and I still struggle today. Why do people behave like this and what satisfaction do thry get from it?

  2. To naina: i too had fair share just like u too and im still struggling now. The person is so damn selfish to use me for his own selfish desire and seriously im reallyin struggling to let go now. I had enough of meeting all this selfish people in my life..sometimes i feel the lesson learnt is kind of too late when the damage have already been done 🙁

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