That’s love.

When someone helps you and they’re struggling too, that’s not help that’s love.

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  1. I always help others even when I’m struggling. Everyone says I just have a huge heart. I don’t like seeing others struggle and my kids are the same way with helping others in bad times.

  2. I am a giver not a receiver, I love to see other people happy especially my children even I go without as long I made them very happy then I am a happy too. 😊❤❤❤

  3. The joy of a soul is when you know you have genuinely made the other soul rejoice from within and this alone can lift up one’s soul.

  4. I like all these comment’s.
    It’s so nice to help, and when growing up I saw, my Mam struggling.

    And through out life, I have carried this on with lots’ of people.

  5. Laughter is great for your soul ❤️ I love to help make sure that I lend a helping hand to help others that have a hard time in this life more than most people I know would ever think of just to help someone in need helps me feel better every day I bring a smile on their warms my heart

  6. I’m struggling all the time. I have problems of my own, that I don’t talk about much. I put others first and try to make things better for them. Even when I’ve had my efforts thrown back in my face. Those type of people, don’t change me. I’ll always choose to love. 🙂💕🐲

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