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Published on May 24, 2018 in Blog1, Picture Quotes
Thank You for Teaching Me I Was Worth More Than You: An Open Letter to the One Who Nearly Broke Me, But Not Quite


“You didn’t love her. You just didn’t want to be alone. Or maybe, maybe she was good for your ego. Or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life. But you didn’t love her, because you don’t destroy the person that you love” (Grey’s Anatomy)


When I look back now, it’s hard to believe I ever thought you loved me. How desperate I must have been to call that love when in your hands I became so small; crushed by the heaviness of your fingers as they pressed into my skin, the imprint faded but still visible after all this time. How eroded my worth became with each crash of furious words that washed against the already worn breakwaters of my heart. How afraid I became of not just you, but of everything I once was that I no longer trusted myself to be, for fear I would take a wrong step and set off another landmine beneath the surface of your skin.


You left that day, stopping only to push the knife in a little deeper on your way out the door. The pain was so great I hoped to bleed out, right there on the floor where you left me. I wondered if I could survive what you had done to me; if I even wanted to. But resilience has always coursed through my veins faster than sorrow and though weak, I found the courage to pick myself up from the floor that day.


It all seems so long ago now. How far I have come since these pale scars were once open wounds. How distant the taste of bitterness upon my tongue now seems. I’ve long since stopped wanting to call, to write, to tell you of all the ways you nearly broke me, but not quite. Instead, I have come to realise should I ever pass by you on the street, there is only two words I would need to say.


Thank you.


Thank you for teaching me I will never again settle for someone who can destroy a woman and call that love; who can not only justify their abuse through victim-blaming, but make a woman believe they actually deserved such abuse.


Thank you for teaching me I will never again be controlled by another in a relationship; that I am the keeper of my own life, my own choices and my own relationships and I’m entitled to live my life with freedom, and not be imprisoned by another person’s power over me.


Thank you for teaching me I need not compromise who I am and all I believe in order to be loved; that I do not need to scrape my knees on the ground of another’s approval, nor ever apologise for who I am to those who choose not to accept me regardless.


Thank you for teaching me I do not need another to complete me; that I am better off being alone than ever being with someone who does not love me with respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, gentleness, acceptance.


Thank you for teaching me never to look back; for all the apologies that didn’t reach your eyes, for all the promises spoken through lying teeth, for all the times I did come back only to end up more shattered by you each time.


Thank you for helping me understand men like you never change.


Thank you for teaching me I am worth more than you.


Thank you for teaching me about love.


The kind of love you could never give.


The kind of love I am worth.


The kind of love I will only ever accept from another so long as they can love me the way I have finally learned to love myself.

Written by Kathy Parker

( with permission)

Kathy Parker is a Warrior. Dreamer. Creator. Writer. Fighter of all that is beautiful and good. Advocator for the underdog. Truth-teller. Empath. Passionate soul. Lover of land and ocean. Coffee drinker. Gentle spirit. Sensitive soul. Wild heart. Survivor. She is a freelance writer, blogger for HuffPost Australia, and columnist for elephant journal who is currently writing her first manuscript.

Married to a farmer in the Limestone Coast of South Australia, she is also a mother to four astonishing children.

Find out more about Kathy at her blog:



  1. Judith Lynn May 24, 2018 Reply

    I love this! If only I could be strong enough to make it mine. With baby steps, I’m starting to love myself again. Thank you!

  2. Amanda May 25, 2018 Reply

    I think those who stay can only be understood by those who also once stayed. And once we are free, we can only hope words like these give someone else the strength to free themselves.

  3. anie May 27, 2018 Reply

    what strong and certainly healing words. Very admirable to me, when the lessons of life change to thoughts, that bring healing.
    Although your words are not in my own mindset, I find them powerful and good because they forgive.
    However, I believe that EVERY person seeks happiness and in some people´s way, this search goes deep into misfortune and depression. Not because someone has decided to torment the person, but because the person has chosen this path himself.

  4. Kristin A Toussaint May 27, 2018 Reply

    Gratitude is the way. We wouldn’t be here, if we were still there. Freedom, self-love, self reliance, and personal accountability for your own samvega that need follow to become our essence and live and love fully, reciprocally and wholly. Beautifully written Kathy Parker.

  5. Autumn Smith May 29, 2018 Reply

    I so needed this! Thank you!

  6. Marty July 17, 2018 Reply

    Connected with every paragraph. Lived through it.. now a warrior in charge of my heart. Thank you for this connection

  7. Shelly July 17, 2018 Reply

    This is beautiful. And so true. Took me 8 years to get away. Now am at 10 years of true love and self preservation. I say thankyou as well. Thankyou for teaching what true love respect and self love really is.

  8. Sue July 21, 2018 Reply

    This is beautifully written.. from someone who knows what that pain does to ones self it’s, soul destroying!!!

    Thank you for sharing xx

  9. Kim August 17, 2018 Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I should know this before.
    He made me realize that i must be strong. I have to learn how to say no, how to accept this life. Everything happen for the reason

  10. James August 18, 2018 Reply

    This can also apply to men who have been the victim of emotional abuse by their female partner.

  11. Kindred Soul October 23, 2018 Reply

    Spoken so very well special ladie!💖and many need to hear this. Been there as many others also, helping others to heal is the creators work thru us. You are blessed to be able to share as eloquently as you do! Power from above to you! Thankyou for sharing your journey.

  12. Yemi omolayo November 10, 2018 Reply

    Wow! These are healing words thank you for sharing this great piece with us

  13. BeautifullyBroken November 15, 2018 Reply

    Your words ran deep…. 12 yrs of abuse and I’m finally out and trying to love myself.

  14. Lisa Radenhausen November 15, 2018 Reply

    wow I admire your courage to express yourself with healing thoughts and share them. I’m working on reestablishing myself and gain self respect and confidence on my own. not that easy by yourself.

  15. Marie June 14, 2019 Reply

    Someone thought they could emotionally control me for over 40 years but I had a happy fulfilling life and lived, becoming stronger each day knowing he did not love me. Volunteer work helped making me feel loved, wanted, needed, and strong. I knew he was using me and that I was allowing him, because I could not leave him. I have always loved myself and I thank God for that. I am always trying to become a better person and have been alone without him for 20+ years. Thank God for daily prayer. It works for me.

  16. Rishfa November 9, 2019 Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this. That is everything I feel right now and what I need to feel right now.

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