Take care of yourself.

Not everyone whom desires access to your life, your heart, and your spirit are worthy of the access they seek. Protect it. Your time is your most valuable asset. By all means give it to those whom will appreciate it. But to continuously allow yourself to be used and suffer through other’s actions, you’re doing no one any justice. Take care of you first so that you can take care of your purpose and be all that you were meant to be. Then you will be able to be there for others.
~ Maritza Alvarez

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  1. Don’t waste your time trying to understand my life. I am not seeking for anyone’s attention, love or care…..Take good care of yourself and move on. Don’t try to make money out of me. Too many families been affected by your stupid ideas. God is not blind, it will come back to you all. Good knowledge of technology is not enough to fool people. But thanks for making me so famous. How stupid you are. You used to come my home, eat my food, share my bed and stabbing me at the back. But never mind I took it as a lesson even though it makes me sick sometimes. Normal people don’t do these things. I told you 6 years ago to stay away from my life. Until you forgive yourself for doing bad things to people, you won’t find your happiness. So move on. Don’t worry about my life. I have my family who loves me and that is enough.

  2. giving and helping is for me a very positiv thing, but I understood now, that you have to differentiate. I never felt a lack of time, now I do. Now I understand the value of time. Time should be used conscientious.

  3. I value so much time…hence as much as possible, I do not want to linger on sad, bitter and negative thoughts. It is so precious hence when I shared it with a dear one…with a dear friend, that friend. those friends means.mean so much to me that I spared them even a short period.

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