Strongest and bravest thing you will ever do.

People talk about depression like it’s something weak. But coming out of it and through it to the other side alive, is the strongest and bravest thing you will ever do.

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  1. We need to be kind to those going through depression. People who have not been there have no idea how awful it is. No one chooses to be depressed.

  2. I lost my daughter of 36 years old a year ago in April. I am on depression meds and anxiety meds, but it just seems like I am sinking into a black hole further every day. I don’t care if I live but, would never kill myself. I have a son and beautiful grandaughter I want to be here for but seems like a loosing battle everydaY.

  3. Depression is really hard thing life. But we must always try to come out of it, since it not gonna help anyone. Other around are also gets affected by this.

  4. I’m alive!!! Stronger and braver than ever. Knowing the other side is a new beginning and I’m enjoying everyday of my new life. You just need to believe in the other side, and be patient. Trust me when I say it’s there waiting for you. Good luck.

  5. My youngest son took his life in 2006 and he was 26. Depression comes and goes and I am on meds to help me. Some days are better then others. Depression isn’t something that just goes away–you have to work at it everyday to feel good!!

  6. Grieving is a form of depression. I went through a horrible time after my husband died. Those were the worst years of my life. I hope I never have to live through anything like that again.

  7. I’m a 46 yrs. old. female.
    I remember feelings of a strong
    sadness around puberty. Kept to
    myself, no one else seemed sad.
    Prior to that time in my life I
    was happy, smiling, full of life & dreams. Pictures I have viewed prior to the sadness,
    was the most beautiful girl!
    Olive skin,smiling/laughing w/
    long brown hair, full of energy and never stopped moving…I was unstoppable.Musically talented. Raised in the church.
    By the age of 15 I knew I had
    changed. I cried when no one
    was around. I was numb & scared. Still no one I could open up to.
    I’m 46 now, diagnosed with
    clinical depression in 1995.
    I knew I was. Nothing seems to
    help. Sure, I’ve tried to take my life multiple times…almost
    succeed twice. Not proud. Just
    My family live out of state and my mom has been the only one
    who has spoken to me in 5 yrs.
    It’s a 4 hr. drive to come see me. I’ve asked her to come, but
    she states that she is “teaching me a lesson.”
    Yes, I realize I’m 46 & should
    not need my 74 yr. old mother, (who is in excellent health.)
    to support me. She’ll yell and
    put me down… it’s familiar.
    I have tried resources where I live.
    I do not want to harm myself
    again, nor have I ever wanted
    to harm another. I want to live!
    I’ve never been married. I have
    isolated from the few friends I have due to my depression.
    I really want to feel better.
    Please…I do not want to
    come across as a “victim.”
    I won’t give up!
    I just need what is the next
    step out of this deep, dark
    I’m sorry…but, depression is
    not EASY to overcome alone.
    Suggestions are welcome-
    Thank-you~ Es

    1. Dear Esmae, Thank you for reaching out. I have read your message and I am so sorry your have dealt with depression for so many years. I write this to you with deep sincerity, please see your family doctor so that you can get professional help, see a therapist or talk to someone who you can trust. In the mean time here is a terrific website that has wonderful suggestions on how to deal and cope with depression. I hope this helps. God Bless.

    2. Esmae, I understand what your going through. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar type 1. I have no friends who call, because I have also isolated myself. I don’t trust myself in public. I’m on medications but I think it’s time for a change. No it’s not easy to overcome. One thing I trick myself with is, I wake up glad I’m still here. I do have a family but only one really understands. Most my family lets me be. It’s like being forgotten. It’s time to let people go in your life that don’t support you. That’s what I’m coming to grips with. So I’m going to make that long awaited appointment with a doctor. I hope you do the same. Peace be with you.

  8. I have read all the comments and I have bipolar family and children don’t understand what I am going through.I feel so alone and it is hard living with depression.I believe people should be told what bipolar is and not judge me until they understand what I am going through

    1. Hi Patricia, I totally understand how you must feel. When people don’t understand how you feel and what you are going through, you feel very alone, even when you are surrounded by people, even the ones who love you. If you are seeing a doctor, or therapist, may I suggest that you bring along a member of your family to one of your sessions or appointment so that you can discuss your feelings and the doctor/therapist can help you. They can answer all the questions like how they (your family) can help you when you are feeling a certain way or any questions that are presently on your mind. Another thing you can do is go to or call the Mental Health America/Canadian Mental Health, Not sure where you are from. or again ask your doctor,for pamphlets on Bipolar and hopefully get your family to read about it. Or get books at the library or book store. Education is the best way for everyone to understand each other. I wish you all the best and try to deliver to your knowledge with kindness. I find that people listen better that way. ((hugs)) Brigitte

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