Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Their Time With Selfish Jerks.


Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than

Waste Their Time With Selfish Jerks.


When a woman is happy being independent, she often earns the admiration of those who know her, male and female alike. Many people can’t understand how anyone can be happy being alone.
There is an overwhelming desire from many women to be in a relationship. This need to be with someone means that some women will settle for anyone that they deem ‘good enough’, and all too often, good enough means not very good at all.
It’s such a shame that so many women place all of their self-worth onto being in a relationship. The fear of being alone is so strong in some people that they feel that their life isn’t worth it unless they have someone by their side. They project all of their happiness and fulfilment onto another person, something that is always guaranteed to result in a bad outcome.
The strongest women are those who are able to find these things within themselves, rather than relying on someone else to provide them. Women like this are happy with their own life, and they don’t need someone by their side just to feel like their lives are worthy of having meaning.
Strong women don’t waste their time on losers because they have high standards. They’re happy being alone, so if they’re going to be with someone, then they expect them to be worth it.
They won’t settle for someone who won’t treat them properly. They won’t allow a man without their own goals, direction, and independence to have a place in their life.
They expect more of their partner as the bare minimum – meaning they have no time at all for losers who are only interested in using them for sex, housework, and company on their own terms.
They expect a mature relationship consisting of love, trust, and respect.
They value their time and their energy enough to know not to waste it on people that aren’t worth it. They know their worth, and they won’t take sh*t.
Strong women can often intimidate certain men. These men are afraid of fiercely independent women, because they can’t be controlled or kept in line. They don’t like the idea of women being equal with them or strong.
That’s why so many strong women don’t even bother dating. They can’t be bothered to waste their time on people who don’t deserve it. They don’t want to meet up with men who see them as inferior.
They’re happy, they’re satisfied, even if it means being alone. Strong women don’t waste their time on losers because they value their self-worth enough to be independent until they find someone worth their time.
A strong woman knows that the man of her dreams will put her above everything else in her life. That he would never intentionally hurt her. That means no more games, no more worrying about what he’s doing at any given moment –that he will be good to her, respect her, love her and keep her faith for as long as the two of you live. He’ll be the person that you can rely and depend upon. Because you are that strong woman.
Written by Maverick, Staff Writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©️

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