Strong is your only choice.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”― Bob Marley

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  1. in this toughest moment of my life when after being divorced out of a nullified marriage drama… i am now forced by destiny to choose a someone for me.

    when atleast others act pitying of me…only two people make me go crazy making me hate myself.

    1. the jealous sibling who is fearing and fuming inside that i should not get back my old love…reminding me how and what he remarked 10 years ago about me…constant ill remarks on his character his style and attitude (to remind me it seems😂)..

    but still keeping a silent “friendly” relationship on the other end with the same person to be convinced he is kept there and does no advancement in life.

    2. the coward old lover who does not love me for being me but only wants to be in the good books of my family members.

    and threatens me with his actions of repeating the history again…trying to prove he will leave me if required and creating situation for him being safe finally if required to quit on me.

    both are selfish in their own way and using each other for something hidden the other dont know.

    both do not understand one thing.

    I M TIRED OF MYSELF. dont worry i will not attempt to even come in way of both your lives.

    I will not get my old love to fume my sibling… and to him – i dont expect any true confessions or love. I set you both FREE.

    I will move on with someone which gives you both peace. Hope there is someone who comes for me and stands for me. i will choose one such.

    Go , You both won. Make a life now atleast !

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