Stop breaking your own heart.

Stop trying to change someone who doesn’t want to change. Stop giving chances to someone who abuses your forgiveness. Stop walking back to the place where your heart ran from. Stop trusting their words and ignoring their action. Stop giving your all to a person who gives you nothing. Stop fighting for a RELATIONSHIP when you’re standing in the ring alone. Stop breaking your own heart.

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  1. I need help, I feel so bad being alone in the ring all the time. This is the most painful feeling of all the time. In my case, there is no solution.

  2. this is the worst feeling ever. You’ve been betrayed, hurt and all but you still chose to love and hold on.. The sad part is, you were trying to fight yet your partner just left you alone. 🙁

  3. Sometimes it feels like your fighting alone but you’re not. Sometimes people are fighting for the same things but in different ways. Keep forgiving because I’m sure that person kept forgiving.

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