Sometimes you have to walk away.

Sometimes you have to walk away from people, not because you don’t care, but because they don’t. When someone hurts you time and time again, accept the fact that they don’t have your best interests in mind. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s necessary medicine. Do not strive to impress them any further. Waste not another second of your time trying to prove something to them. Nothing needs to be proven. Do not act with any thought of them ever again.

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  1. It is very difficult to leave the people that you loved behind because they don’t know how to love you back sometimes they hurt you and I don’t think that they really understand what they’re doing because they continue to do it they must see the expression on your face when they hurt you but it seems that they are oblivious to the hurt that they caused therefore you have no choice but to walk away continue to love them not necessarily like them and wish them the best

  2. I thank you for this post, but this is the sort of post, that I do not like at all. They drive me crazy, because they are not giving you any positive feelings. They turn people, who have problems, into a state of sadness.
    Of course it depends on the situation, and maybe in some cases, they are like a safety brake. This is the next point I have to critisize. It is a general statement for thousands of situations.
    If it is about leaving a person, who you love very much, it´s very complicated and you can´t solve this problem with some sentences.
    If it is about leaving friends, who might not be good for you, it´s easier, because the emotions are not so involved. But even with friends! No general post like this, will do justice to friendship.
    Nobody knows about the motivation of this person to have this friends. Perhaps, this person loves helping, doing nonsence, creating, and in this case, it is not important to have an own sucess. Perhaps it is just a good feeling to know, that you helped and made your friends happy. The love, that you are disbursing, is coming back anyway.The person will certainly change, is he recognize, that there are other friends he could spend his time better on.
    This post is like a pill when you are ill. You just heal the symtomes not the reason, why you got into this situations. People have to recognize on their own, when they have to leave, otherwise they will not take responsibility.

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