Sometimes it’s too late.

Sometimes it’s too late to make things right. Sometimes we hurt others more than we realize. Sometimes a smile fades in front of our eyes. Sometimes we are the reason for the tears in someone’s eyes. Never treat anyone the way you don’t want to be treated; love life and the one’s around you!

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  1. it’s never late to say sorry…there is no such thing as long as there is sincerity…there is always late realization…a forgiving heart will always be ready to understand ..always and forever…

  2. but sometimes we dont know whether we are hurting another one or not , sometimes we dont want to hurt someone but we have to say truth . i agree that sometimes we are reason for someone’s cry ,but we didnt do such things intentionally .sometimes its good to say something rather then lying for entire life and remain with them , just to make them feel happy .
    what about our happiness are we not human being??
    thus i would like to say that we should say sometimes which might hurt another , but we should also see our happiness. for the sake of someones happiness we will not make our life hell

    1. Well said Prakul. Sometimes its all about not hurting the other person but what about the fact that I may be hurting from their behaviour and eventually get angry and say something we cannot take back. Hurtful things because maybe I want to hurt them back with words and I may regret saying it but I felt it was the truth. This was to a close family member. I regret , I have said sorry. But no word back. Thank you for your comment.x I sometimes feek I am taken for a softie and they think they can treat me with disregard.x

  3. Right Sir Prakul…you are very much entitled to your stand and is the same as letting go for good and nothing else…as long as you love life and love living as well as loving truthfully the people around you, there’s nothing wrong in that….

    The thought or saying just reminds us to be truth yet tactful and be sensitive to some other people’s feelings. Also an admission that at times we hurt some others…but you’re right- we have to be truthful and be free than be with someone’s companionship or friendship and experience hell- not fair also on both parties. Better live in truth…be hurt for a while…that hurt will heal in due time.

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