Someone will come along.

Someone will come along. Someone who understands that you get jealous and anxious. Someone who knows the fears you have rooted deep in your past and holds you when you’re feeling scared. Someone who can’t dance but dances with you anyway. They can’t sing but they’ll sing to you anyway. They’ll love any gift you give even when it’s the wrong size and they’ll love anything you cook for them even when it’s burnt. They’ll make you laugh until you cry and know exactly what to say to make you smile. They’ll leave you feeling helplessly unapologetically happy as you fall asleep at night. You’ll wonder how you ever got so lucky. Just be patient. Someone will come along.

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  1. Bridgett, you must have a microphone or camera linked to my phone.This quote came right on time. Just when I was about to lose hope. You are truly an angel sent by God. I swear this really encouraged me. Put an awesome smile on my face. Thank you once again. And may God bless your beautiful soul.

    1. You are more than welcome Equanya <3 I wish you much happiness and many blessings.

  2. Thank you Bridgett , I needed this at this moment , as have just put an end to a relationship which was only one sided . I just let go . In the last ten years this is the third relationship which I had to put an end to . I have been analyzing myself what has been my mistakes for the relationship to end in a failure so that I do not repeat the mistakes again . There is a need for a partner who is compatible , loving and kindness , who would be there always through the roller coasters of life . I know someone will come along . Will let love find me .

  3. Most idiotic advice to anyone, “Someone” will come ? Ughhh. Means so different a thing to me. Is anyones life so open for “Some” “Some” “Some” one to come along. How many “Some” will someone be open to ? Rather it should have been I will always be along. Thats what shows what you think about a relationship…. Crystal Clear.

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