Someone who will never take you for granted.

I hope you fall in love with someone who always calls back and never lets you fall asleep thinking you’re unwanted. I hope you fall in love with someone who sees galaxies in your eyes and hears music in your heartbeats. I hope you fall in love with someone who tickles you and makes you smile on hard days and on easy ones. But beyond all that I hope you fall in love with someone who will never leave you behind and who will never take you for granted, someone who will stand by you when you’re right and stand by you when you’re wrong, someone who has seen you at your worst and has loved you still. I hope you fall in love with someone who kisses you in the rain and hugs you in the cold and wouldn’t have you any other way. ~Unknown

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  1. I separated from my husband of 30 years 4 mths ago .. He just decided he didn’t want to be married anymore.
    The pain is still very raw at times, but I’m trying to keep busy & surround myself with my beautiful (adult) children & friends.
    I have so much love to give & would love nothing more then to be with a man who can give me that kind of love back..

  2. My husband passed away 5 years ago, and now iam alone with my children.. Time passed by i looked for another love, but I cannot find the love as he gave to me. I thnk he is everything to me never replaced

  3. A pet will best fit to this 🙂
    Joke apart. Deep lover can only innovate this. Those who are in love will surely appreciate.

  4. Tina Evans, I have identical reason to divorce after 18 years and he’s been insecure over money too. It’s very sad to not been able to look back at memories and he often said been married so long, he can take me for granted as I won’t go anywhere. I was not left a choice but there is love to give.
    Still won’t want to Rush into one for sake of it.
    Do believe a heart that knows to love, loves again and again.

    Here is to love filled future,

  5. It’s so very true. Fall in love with someone who loves you as much as they love themselves. It’s rare to be found but I believe we will all find it one day

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