Someone who stands next to me.

I do not want someone who stands next to me because they are lonely. I want someone who stands next to me because they cannot imagine standing next to anyone else.

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  1. there are soul friends where distance cannot be barrier to make you feel that you two are both standing side by side as you journey life…

  2. there pass not five minutes a day, in which I do not think of him. I´m alway by his side, because I want to be on his side. But I also feel lonely. I feel lonely, because I can not communicante in the way I´m not used to. I try and try, taking all the time, but I fail. I need to go outside, I need breath fresh air, I need to calm. I wished he were with me hère in holidays to walk outside, to breath, to calm, to be just happy.

    1. Hello commenter nooneespecial…wishes may be granted only in fairy tale stories…missing hurts yet taking a time to oneself truly helps- to breathe…to be calm and to be happy onwards….memories worth keeping are like precious jewels…its value is for life…

    1. You are right commenter Petya…love yourself more than anybody else…though we can stand to someone because we cannot imagine ourselves standing to anybody else- this is such a very great challenge- one can do it if he decides- for a loveone…for a treasured friend……

      Though it’s good to have a guarded heart….

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