Someone who loves you and proves it.

Find someone that isn’t afraid to admit they miss you. Someone that knows you’re not perfect but treats you as if you are. Someone who couldn’t imagine losing you. Someone who gives their heart to you completely. Someone who says I love you and proves it. Last but not least, find someone who wouldn’t mind waking up to you in the morning, seeing your wrinkles and grey hair but still falls in love with you all over again.

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  1. I have this kind of Love right now with a Christian guy Chosen Child.He is so sweet and humble.He has all the qualities I wrote down to God.Wow,I say!I will marry him ANYDAY,Now!He We have geat communication.I don’t desire another Man.I don’t even want to date anyone else.I’m happy and content with him.He has done so many things to prove to me that he love me.Bless his precious heart!We are compatible.He is God’s Best for me and I love him,dearly.

  2. I met this woman 7 months ago. Bummed shoulders per say. I’ve waited patiently by her side and developed as a man along side her. We’ve become friends a d as of more recently when we eet I feel so much more. We both made mistakes. And are know lage able of most the rest. Her personality and loving nature ore than makes up for. I fell in love. This time more than any other. This time for real. I’m going to be taking a ,o g trip shortly in which only I can go. I won’t be able to see ot feel her heartbeat. I’m leaVing shortly. I would give anything in the world to see her and spend quality time with her before I go. God I’m lost let her in her own words describe… she’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

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