Someone who misses you and wants to be with you.

“Fall in love with someone who wants you, who waits for you, who understands you. Someone who helps you, and guides you, someone who is your support, your hope. Fall in love with someone who talks with you after a fight. Fall in love with someone who misses you and wants to be with you. Do not fall in love only with a body or with a face; or with the idea of being in love”


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  1. this is wonderful and I wish everybody to think like this. To fall in love with a body or face or idea of beeing loved will never last long, because your heart and your mind will soon recognize to much differences and things you do not like. You will maybe be attracted by a face and a body and this idea, but you always will fall in love in the whole of this beeing…body, heart, mind, soul…..
    and if you love, honor, and cherish this unity, love will last a lifetime.

  2. I agree body or face society marks it thats perfect love interest.Theres attraction you can not lie But finding someone that will be with you go to win support and goes for them to Stick through hard times always Even sick, be there when you can. Ecept their flaws or crazy ways and even there self flaws.
    I open a window that i admire what i found interesting personality through hints or different ways consistencey little things being accounted for . so not the looks if you ever read expressions and words ? in end and Also given there space. trusting them and believing to or stand bye

  3. What happens even if you did live that person. Did what you could to stick by them. And they turn out to be fakes? Fake from the word go. I just wonder how many people realize how many fakes are out there. They know what kind to look for. They want you to fall for them hook line and sinker. They are evil ones. I learned the hard way. But I learned.

  4. I’ve heard it said in a song of the same title that “Love Comes Easy” but it’s not true because nothing in life comes easy…
    You have to work hard, and sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Anything worth keeping has to be nurtured, fed with kindness, joy and given with a free spirit…for Love is beautiful with shared with the right people…!

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