Someone can invade the smallest parts of your life.

“Before I met him, I would dance in the shower. When he was in my life, I would think about showering with him. After he left, I would sit on the ground in the shower and cry. When I got over him, I showered so quickly there was no time for dancing, fantasies or tears. Someone can invade the smallest parts of your life, you won’t even realize it until you dance in the shower again and wonder why you ever stopped.”

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  1. yes…. a lot of the small parts in my life just stopped being a part of my life… he disapproves a lot of things… like, no black underwears (?), don’t wear this, don’t wear that… even watching bruce willis die hard 1 not allowed… and i was trying to watch it some time in 2005….. can’t hum to my favorite tunes as it would made me recall ‘the good times’ with some guys (?) before….our relationship was spelt TOXIC and DYSFUNCTIONAL….the kids got affected too… but heaven intervened… by a stroke of fate… he was transported to another land and he got cut off from my life and my kids… And we were never that happier and feeling so free and breathing so freely…. Thank God!!!

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