Smiles. How many did you fake today?

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  1. Sometime its nice to smlie, i do it to older people than me because then they sometimes say hello… and my old nan said ‘you may be the 1st and last person they speak to till they come out again’

  2. I’ve fake smiled many time my whole life because people really don’t want to know……..”how are you?”, but even a fake smile may brighten up someone who is sad, so I guess that’s good!

  3. I do smile, put on a happy face but inside I am dying after losing my husband of nearly 50 years suddenly with Leukaemia Two months from diagnosis to passing. It has been 6 years now. It gets worse, not better. Have a fabulous family, neighbours and friends. Should not moan.

  4. After losing your husband life here on earth is never ever the same I feel lost and sad everyday and the tears never end and my life goes on and on and on and can’t help to wonder “Why” I never faked happiness and now I do and wonder “Why” I can’t be the only one left behind to deal with the everyday changes but I feel empty “Why” Day after day and it never gets better like I hope it would and I tell myself “Be The Best You Can Be” I am here to tell those that never thought about it before. It does not get better here on earth and I don’t know about beyond What am I to do There is a purpose but what is it and “Why” Know one can tell me not even God I believe I am lost and I will never be the same I have Hope Faith Love Memories for now that is all I need because that is all I got and “Why”

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