Sleeping next to someone you love

Sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression, and helps you live longer.

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  1. I have sadly only met the takers in my life, they dont care if you are a friend with benefits or they use you for their own gratification, as they are not capable of emotional commitment, even if they say they care. Just my jaundiced view i’m afraid. I am still looking for the two way type of relationship, with an honest trustworthy man. i have just had an ex who was a con artist and was a narcissist and was controlling and manipulative and was lucky to emerge with a valuable lesson learned abet painful. useful articles on You tube. urge others out there to go to police and not to suffer in silence. Hope this helps someone who is suffering as i have mentally or physically

  2. I felt that for a short period of time….

    Friendship, Passion, Intimatacy and peacefulness….

    I wish it could have been forever….

  3. This is a wildly untrue claim. While it could be true in isolated cases, it’s surely not true across the board. And verifiably untrue in cases where one shares a bed with someone who snores, has restless leg syndrome, or any number of other common disorders that prevent anyone else in the bed/room from falling asleep and/or that wakes them up repeatedly throughout the night, disrupting sleep.

  4. God told Satan, I am taking all your power. Satan begged God to just leave him with just one ” Attitude”

    Your attitude to any situation, culminates in your situation.

    There are times, when life looks miserable, happy, over joyed, sad, desperate ……
    Everyone one of this is temporary.
    Only thing that is permanent is impermanency
    Knowledge should blossom into Wisdom.
    Think about it and accept life. Your attitude matters.

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