Show up for people.

Show up for people. Offer what you can. Be unselfish. Love people when they need it, even when you feel they don’t deserve it. Be a healer. Be kind. Show up for people. Because when you’re hurting you’ll want someone to show up for you. ~alex elle

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  1. Yeah. And those who cannot can atleast call and talk to them, trust them for this and pour out all what they think and ask the other… resolve all differences for good… ending is with GOD for sure.

    Does it harm ? Its far better than wanting to stay connected yet with safe play, impersonating someone else…. not really nice you know. Pity the other.

  2. Don’t understand the concept of doing something for others in hope or anticipation of getting something back at some future date.
    Best just to do it because it’s the right thing to do !!

  3. So true, KayCordeo! We can only “LOVE” them anyway!
    One rule I always try to follow, as difficult as it is getting these days is:

    “You CANNOT control someone else’s behavior! We can ONLY control OUR behavior and how we react to THEIR behavior!”

    God Bless! Stay strong!

    1. Sandra – partially agree. At times we do get crazy about others, life is not living like quotes say.
      But then I always believe – Its better to talk and sort things than assuming, blaming. You never know words can mean a lot of different perceptions.

      And to me, the one who does not come forward to do this has no trust on the other. And the point is if there is no trust, why love, what love ?

      1. I agree with you too, Kay! Talking is much better! I ALWAYS give people chance, after chance, after chance! But, ALOT of those times, those “chances” were just abused and they got even MORE disrespectful …even violent & abusive! God DOES NOT want us to be physically, nor mentally abused either! At some point, you have to draw the line and decide you WILL NOT ACCEPT THE ABUSE!
        Additionally, when talking it out, for some people it is either THEIR WAY, OR NO WAY!!!!! And, they have to have the FLOOR THROUGHOUT the conversation! That includes interrupting you, not listening to what you have to say, etc., etc.! Just giving some examples of my own personal experiences!
        I truly WISH we could talk things over, and sort things as you say, even if we don’t agree, at least we can at least “respect” one another’s views!
        My Mom had a GREAT saying! She used to tell me like this, “As long as there are TWO people on this Planet, there will ALWAYS be a disagreement! You may like the color Pink, and I may like the color Purple!” END QUOTE: It doesn’t mean either one of us is “wrong” or “right”, we just like different things! It should not mean we can’t get along! It’s really just that simple!
        But, the fact that North Korea is DETERMINED to send a Nuclear Weapon to make a DIRECT HIT to my country …The United States of America ….is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

        1. I completely agree. 100%. And I feel you are telling my point to me.

          I am sorry you were abused, you should understand that the reason for abuse is more important than abuse itself.

          Talking helps sort everything from my experience. What does not work by talking is not meant for you at all. Seriously. And you have no burden to hold, a contentment that you tried the the best, and the burden lies with the one who does not act honest.

          I have always spoken to my love, every silly problem. Its a different story he never believed me then. Maybe now he does. I was assessed as immature and too possessive. But i did speak, speak and speak to him the same point, dint mind. I still have the contentment that I did not hide facts from him, he liked , admitted or not.

          By talking I always mean, as a mature individual you need to talk to the CONCERNED, Not their PA, siblings, or friends of friends. Because their is no point with any one else, dont you agree ?

          I wish you do talk your heart out, and close all the mess once for all. Believe me GOD will bless you with so much of relief, peace and happiness.

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