She’s just seen a lot before and learned many lessons.

“She doesn’t have trust issues just because she’s being distant and cautious.  She’s just seen a lot before and learned many lessons.  She’s witnessed bullshit before and you might be making mistakes she promised herself she would never make again.  Women crave action, they are interested in what you have to say – but they are drawn to the way you act. Women build walls when they’ve been through a lot and it’s normal that those walls build higher standards.  She’s not full of herself for making herself unavailable for just anyone.  Don’t be so quick to think she doesn’t care just because she doesn’t seem obsessed by everything you do.  She will fall for your consistency.  You can’t give her a vibe one day and expect her to chime to it forever.  She’s in search of herself.  You have to be willing to put in work for a girl that’s worth it to you.”


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  1. I think who loves is ready to work for this love. He/she will have to be able to suffer and be disappointed. He/She must get a alldayrhythm with this work and allday work and as he/she will be frustrated, he/she must be careful not to act like a frustrated person, but showing again and again love.

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