She needs time.

She needs time, like we all do. Time to be ok with being ok. Because sometimes feeling right, after feeling so wrong for so long, is the hardest thing to get used to. -jmstorm

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  1. Straight into the jugular with that one ! Yup. I’ve not been right for a while now. Working out what is right is relatively easy, doing it , again and again, and not relapsing into old habits, is HARD, and then Feeling that it’s right, when it just feels odd, that is SO hard… That is so tough. Knowing, the instinctive person inside knows, KNOWS and feels it’s right and is so happy! And the rest is so fearful and scared and uncertain because it is such a strange feeling to be loved more fully …what if this right feeling is taken away again… What if it doesn’t stay… what if , what if, what if… Now THAT is a hard place to stay when self preservation wants to pull us in fear away from all of that new scary stuff.

  2. Everybody should get the time to be ok with being ok. Never get stressed or forced. Good post!

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